Julia Doherty, Real Estate Advisor

Julia is a Denver native with a lifelong connection to the vibrant city empowering her to offer clients a perspective that goes beyond just transactional, ensuring a personalized and insightful approach to every real estate venture. Her approach combines a unique blend of local insight and fresh perspectives, with a passion for building genuine connections with her clients. Her enthusiasm and dedication shine through in every interaction.

Fueled by a lasting dedication to sports , particularly basketball, she understands the essential elements of success—teamwork, patience, and hard work. In 2023, she took her passion to new heights by founding a women's competitive basketball league. This initiative reflects not only her commitment to winning but also her desire to unite like-minded individuals who share similar passions. Julia's journey extends beyond real estate, embodying a dedication to creating something greater than herself.

Driven by a personal goal to move into her own home in the next couple of years, she understands the significance of finding the perfect dream home.